Kindly be on your feet while you pray
Time to pray, 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM

God takes delight in drawing a line of demarcation between strangers
and His beloved sons and daughters.
While the people of the world go through life, confused and
disenchanted, children of God simply follow the glorious highway
mapped out for them. You can choose to move from the valley to the
mountain top and live a life that is unique in every sense by making use
of the prayer points below. You do not need to go through life as if life
was not worth living. Do not allow the
These prayer points afford you the opportunity to declare that your life is
not for sale and that no matter what happens, you will fulfil your divine
Praise Worship
Scripture Reading: Psalm 36:9-11: For with thee is the fountain of
life: in thy light shall we see light. O continue thy loving-kindness unto
them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart. Let
not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the
wicked remove me.

Before going on with the prayers, make sure to read our Prayer Guide (Warning)

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Important prayer tips to Note to begin any prayer

Praise Worship


Always cover yourself and your loved ones with the blood of Jesus before you go into the prayers and after. (Pray for 5 minutes)

1. Evil cord of wickedness, sin or iniquity, blocking my communication
with heaven, be cut off, in the name of Jesus. (Pray for 3 minutes)
2. Every power, spirit or personality, listening to my prayers in order to
report them to the demonic world, Father, tear them, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
3. Every authority of darkness, upon which wealth and blessings are
based, crumble suddenly in one day, in the name of Jesus. (Pray for 3 minutes)
4. Father, expose and destroy the workers of iniquity, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
5. Father, in the name of Jesus, let the mystery and secret of my fulfilment
be revealed. (Pray for 3 minutes)
6. My Father, let the heaven open, let the anointing speak, let my hidden blessings be revealed and released, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
7. Forgive me, Oh Lord, where I have judged others out of ignorance and pride, in the name of Jesus. (Pray for 3 minutes)
8. Oh Lord, remove the penalty of judgment upon my life and calling, in the name of Jesus. (Pray for 3 minutes)
9. O Lord, let the heavens fight for me today, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
10. Increase me, Oh Lord, so that Your name may be glorified, in the name
of Jesus. (Pray for 3 minutes)
11. Any power diverting the will of God from my life, somersault and die,
in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
12. Oh Lord, arise and let every poison in my life be arrested, in Jesus’
name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
13. I write the obituary of all contrary powers attacking my glory and
calling, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
14. Holy Spirit, activate the will of God in my life and calling, in Jesus’
name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
15. I decree the will of my enemies against me to backfire, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
16. Every plot of the enemy, against me, be reversed, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
17. Every confidence of my enemies, dash to pieces, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
18. Every spiritual manipulation against my glory and calling shall be a failure, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
19. All those who live to destroy my personality, Oh Lord, destroy their
personalities, in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
20. Oh Lord, vindicate my position in this city (company, country
etc.), in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)
21. Oh Lord, reveal to me what You have called me to be in life (in this
city, country, company), in Jesus’ name. (Pray for 3 minutes)

Thank God for answering your prayers. (Pray for 10 minutes)

Close the sessions with high praises to the LORD. (Pray for 10 minutes)

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