Hour of Testimony

Hour of Testimony; Mawunyo Mashie Point by Point Prayers

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Hi, I’m Mashie, Please, share with us, what the Lord has done for you through this prayer program. May the Lord bless you. Thanks for visiting!

Testimony: Promotion, Exam Success and enemy exposed

Thank you & Thank you so much

After firing prayer bullets against limitations & stagnation while waiting for my exam results that I have been failing several times.

I prayed for 2 days, on the 3rd day my results were out and I had passed

Now I must wait for my certificate to be issued then I ask for my promotion.

You send the right prayer bullets at the right time and I got amazed

On the same day I got my results, the lady that has been fighting me at work got in trouble with my boss without me getting involved at all, she was exposed for stealing money for many years in a company and my boss was furious

She went crazy and started screaming and crying infront of everyone that my boss hates her

Name: Thandeka Mpoetsi Molefe

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