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Hour of Testimony; Mawunyo Mashie Point by Point Prayers

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Hi, I’m Mashie, Please, share with us, what the Lord has done for you through this prayer program. May the Lord bless you. Thanks for visiting!

Testimony: Promotion, Exam Success and enemy exposed

Thank you & Thank you so much

After firing prayer bullets against limitations & stagnation while waiting for my exam results that I have been failing several times.

I prayed for 2 days, on the 3rd day my results were out and I had passed

Now I must wait for my certificate to be issued then I ask for my promotion.

You send the right prayer bullets at the right time and I got amazed

On the same day I got my results, the lady that has been fighting me at work got in trouble with my boss without me getting involved at all, she was exposed for stealing money for many years in a company and my boss was furious

She went crazy and started screaming and crying infront of everyone that my boss hates her

Name: FTMM

Beloved in Christ, let’s listen to this great and touching testimony from our their FTMM.


For security reasons, I will hide her identity…

But before we head to the testimony, I want to also add to our dear sister’s testimony…. from the beginning of the prayer program, I have always been asking our dear prayer eagles to support this program and the Lord will repay them in due time, then along the way our sister FTMM… decided to support our ministry every month and since then, it has been one testimony after another.

From nobody to Somebody. I have always been saying this, who has given to the Lord for the Lord to repay him, just be persistent with the Lord and you too shall soon testify.

Our Lord is a principle God and he will keep to his promises to prosper you, if only you’re going to obey and follow his instructions and believe also in his servant and You too will soon surprise your friends and shock your enemies.

From excelling in her exam to getting a Job and promotion, and now to this car…… and it has not ended, she has requested a prayer for another interesting thing and very soon the Lord will grant her her request, because she has decided to take care of God’s business and the Lord will also take care of her’s. Because she has a covenant with the Lord and kept on fulfilling her path the covenant, God will continue to show her mercy. 

For instance, if you keep fulfilling your promises to the Lord and fire this prayer bullet each day “Covenant Keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me In Jesus name.”  You too will start sharing testimonies like this….

Now to her testimony. hear her.

Lord of miracles has done it again 🙌

My name is FTMM from South Africa 🇿🇦

I have joined prayer eagles and never looked back.

I have just been blessed with a car of my dreams ✨️

And I am trusting that there is more to come because I never limit my God in my life 🙏


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