Daily Manna “Knowing and Loving God”

Daily Manna/Devotional “Knowing and Loving God”
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December 3, 2021

Proverbs 22:6 📖 If we were asked to name the greatest and most influential people, we´d probably think of presidents or leaders of industry, business, banking, or education because their decisions shape the world. But who shaped them? Perhaps one of the most influential people in anyone´s life is a mother.

When a woman is in the process of raising small children, changing diapers, wiping noses, and settling squabbles, it may not seem like important work. However, God has given mothers the responsibility of shaping those young lives and teaching the importance of knowing and loving Him. Susanna Wesley didn´t have a high-ranking title at a large company, but she raised 19 children, including two sons—John and Charles Wesley—who were the founders of Methodism. Despite the demands of a large family, she committed herself to spending a full hour with each child once a week. She taught them theology, and through her example, they learned to love and trust God. If you´re a mom, you have tremendous influence in the lives of your children. There´s no way to know how God will use them in the future. But whatever His plans may be, you can equip your sons and daughters by determining to spend time with them each day, reading and teaching them God´s Word.

But perhaps the greatest impact you have on your children is your example. When they see you modeling godly character or trusting the Lord in the midst of trials, they will want to know and love God as you do. And that is the best way you can equip the next generation.

Daily Manna “Knowing and Loving God” | Daily Manna “Knowing and Loving God”


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