Daily Manna “No One Likes Feelings Of Inadequacy”

Daily Manna/Devotional “No One Likes Feelings Of Inadequacy”
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December 22, 2021

2 Corinthians 2:14-17 📖 No one likes feelings of inadequacy, but they are something we all must learn to handle, as no one can avoid them permanently. Tragically, however, many people live with a cloud over their head because in their thinking, they never measure up. For some, this may be due to childhood experiences that negatively affected their self-image. For others, the problem may stem from a lack of success related to work, school, relationships, or any number of things.

In today´s passage, Paul asks a question that points to a common insecurity: ´Who is adequate for these things?´ (v. 16). Have you ever avoided serving the Lord in ways that challenge your comfort zone? If so, you´ve probably missed a tremendous opportunity to overcome feelings of inadequacy. He has promised to lead us ´in triumph in Christ´ (v. 14), but unless we believe Him and step out in faith, we´ll never experience the fullness of life that He has planned for us.

Feeling inadequate is not a sin, but using it as an excuse is. When the Lord challenges you to do something that you feel is beyond your abilities, you have two options: You can focus on Christ and proceed in triumph, or you can focus on yourself and withdraw in defeat. It´s really a matter of faith. God would never ask you to do something without empowering you to accomplish it. This doesn´t necessarily mean you will do it perfectly, but each step of obedience is a victory. The alternative is to play it safe, but then you´ll miss out on God´s best for your life.

Daily Manna “No One Likes Feelings Of Inadequacy”


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