Daily Manna “Faith and Doubt”

Daily Manna/Devotional “Faith and Doubt”
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December 1, 2021

Matthew 14:22-32 The Lord wants to do far more in believers´ lives and through their witness than most are willing to allow. We believe He can do great things, but the problem is that we are not sure He will act on our behalf. Consequently, we hesitate to trust Him fully for specific answers regarding our personal situations.

Vacillating between faith and doubt like a boat in a squall makes for a sick and tired Christian. If we desire to calm the sea of faith, we must first decide to act out of obedience rather than simply make choices according to feelings or sight. Peter walked on water because he chose to proceed by trust instead of by reason. As believers, we will not become stable in our faith until we recognize that believing God is a choice. The second action of a faithful believer is to focus attention on God. When we look at our circumstances, we are restricted to our own limited view of the situation. As long as Peter was staring at Jesus, his feet stayed on the water´s surface, but the moment he looked at the wind-whipped waves, he began to sink. Finally, we are to maintain our focus on the Lord by keeping our mind in the Word. We cannot trust our sight, reason, or knowledge to steer us through a storm of doubt. But we can truly depend upon Scripture.

Choose to believe that the Lord will work on your behalf. Then focus your attention on Him, and claim a promise from Scripture that applies to the situation. When those three actions regularly become a part of your life, you will stop swaying. The heavenly Father will honor your steadfast faith.

Daily Manna “Faith and Doubt”


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