Daily Devotional “Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor”

Daily Devotional “Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor”
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June 02, 2023


The twelve apostles included “Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Him” (Matthew. 10:4).

God works all things together for His purposes.

At one time the little town of Kerioth was a relatively obscure Judean town, but all that changed when it produced the most hated man who ever lived: Judas Iscariot.

The first mention of Judas is here in Matthew’s list of disciples.

We have no record of his call, but we know Jesus did call him along with the others, and even gave him authority to minister in miraculous ways (Matthew. 10:1).

His first name, Judas, is despised today, but it was a common name in the days of Christ.

It is the Greek form of Judah—the land of God’s people.

Iscariot literally means “a man from the town of Kerioth.”

People commonly ask why Jesus would select such a man to be His disciple.

Didn’t He know how things would turn out?

Yes He did, and that’s precisely why He chose him.

The Old Testament said the Messiah would be betrayed by a familiar friend for thirty pieces of silver, and Jesus knew Judas was that man (John 17:12).

Some people feel sorry for Judas, thinking he was simply misguided or used as some kind of pawn in a supernatural drama over which he had no control.

But Judas did what he did by choice.

Repeatedly Jesus gave him chances to repent, but he refused.

Finally, Satan used him in a diabolical attempt to destroy Jesus and thwart God’s plan of salvation.

His attempt failed however, because God can use even a Judas to accomplish His purposes.

Undoubtedly there are people in your life who wish you harm.

Don’t be discouraged. They are as much a part of God’s plan for you as those who treat you kindly.

You must reach out to them just as Jesus reached out to Judas.

God knows what He’s doing.

Trust Him and rejoice as you see His purposes accomplished even through your enemies.


Praise God for His sovereign control over every circumstance and for the promise that His purposes will never be thwarted.

Further Reading

Read Matthew 26:14-50 and 27:1-10.

•How did Jesus reveal that it was Judas who would betray Him?
•What reaction did Judas have when he heard that Jesus h,ad been condemned?

Daily Devotional “Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor” | Daily Devotional “Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor” | Daily Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor” | Daily Devotional “Jesus Purposely Selects A Traitor”

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