Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated”

Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated”

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July 01, 2023


“Then Daniel spoke to the king, ‘O king, live forever! My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths, and they have not harmed me, inasmuch as I was found innocent before Him; and also toward you, O king, I have committed no crime.’

Then the king was very pleased and gave orders for Daniel to be taken up out of the den.

So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no injury whatever was found on him, because he had trusted in his God.

The king then gave orders, and they brought those men who had maliciously accused Daniel, and they cast them, their children, and their wives into the lions’ den; and they had not reached the bottom of the den before the lions overpowered them and crushed all their bones” (Daniel 6:21-24).

God will always vindicate His people.

One of the challenges of the Christian life is to react properly when being unjustly accused.

Our natural inclination is to defend ourselves, which is appropriate at times.

But there are other times when we must remain silent and trust the Lord to defend us.

Apparently Daniel said nothing in his own defense when he was charged with disregarding the king’s decree to stop praying.

Of course the charge itself was true, but his motives were righteous, and he knew he was innocent before God.

Therefore, like Jesus Himself before His accusers, Daniel chose to remain silent and entrust himself to God, who “judges righteously” (1 Peter 2:22-23).

Vindication doesn’t always come quickly, but in Daniel’s case it did.

God affirmed his innocence by protecting him from the hungry lions.

King Darius affirmed his innocence by putting his accusers to death.

That was swift and decisive judgment.

Never lose heart or feel that God has abandoned you when evil people seem to prevail.

The day will come when God will vindicate you.

When He does, His judgment will also be swift and decisive.


Pray for a loving attitude toward those who unjustly accuse you.

Further Reading

Read James 5:7-11.

•What encouragement does James give to those who suffer at the hands of evil people?
•Who does he use as an example of someone who suffered with patience?
•At what point in time will God’s people be vindicated?

Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated” | Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated” | Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated” | Daily Devotional “Integrity Will Be Vindicated”

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