Daily Devotional “Enduring”

Daily Devotional “Enduring”
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October 18, 2022

When people ask how they can pray for me, I always say, “Pray that God will give me endurance; because man, it is hard in this place, how the Lord want us to live and do his work and I so want to finish well!” And you know what that’s the truth. Because when you suffer, and when you suffer hard, you need endurance.

You need the ability to courageously embrace everything that life throws at you! And when, by the grace of God you do persevere with hope, then the very worst things that happen become a glorious step on the upward path toward knowing Christ better.

Godly endurance is not a matter of bearing a hard thing; no, it is the Spirit-blessed ability to turn that hard thing into something beautiful, something transformative, and glorifying to God. Romans 15 calls our Savior “the God of endurance;” so, if you need help enduring, you know where to go.

Daily Devotional “Enduring” | Daily Devotional “Enduring”

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