Daily Devotional “Disappointing The Lord”

Daily Devotional “Disappointing The Lord”
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April 15, 2023


“Then all the disciples left Him and fled” (Matthew 26:56).

In defecting from Christ in an hour of crisis, the eleven disciples displayed certain marks of faithlessness.

Sometimes no amount of truth and logic will ever persuade someone to change their mind.

We all know that is true from times we have debated another person on a particular topic.

Nothing we say will convince them that their plans may be wrong or their opinions unsound.

Jesus knew that far better than us as he continued to face the hostile crowd in Gethsemane.

As the Son of God, Jesus could confidently tell the crowd that “All this has taken place that the Scriptures of the prophets may be fulfilled” (Matthew. 26:56).

The Son knew that, completely apart from the armed mob’s evil motives and intentions, the Father was sovereignly using the situation to accomplish His righteous and gracious purposes.

But Jesus’ words to the crowd obviously gave little comfort or reassurance to His own disciples.

They finally realized Christ was going to be seized.

Fear and panic gripped them when they further realized they might have to risk suffering and death with Him.

Therefore, each of the eleven “left Him and fled.”

The disciples’ faithless desertion reveals several common characteristics of weak commitment.

First, any believer who neglects God’s Word and prayer will be unprepared and unfaithful when testing comes.

Second, a weak disciple is likely to be impulsive, like Peter, and respond to a crisis with faulty human discernment.

Third, a defective disciple tends to be impatient, like Jesus’ men, refusing to listen to His promises and unwilling to wait for His deliverance.

It’s easy to criticize Jesus’ disciples for their faithless lack of resolve in letting Him down and running away when things became difficult.

But if you are an honest follower of Christ, you know that you have sometimes compromised or run away when your faith was tested.

As a result, you need to confess your failings and lean more than ever on God’s Word, prayer, and the strength of the Holy Spirit to help you stay the course (Ephesians. 5:15-21).


Commit yourself today to be faithful to Christ, no matter what circumstance confronts you, and pray for strength.

Further Reading

•John 14 comes from a section of the Gospels called the Upper Room Discourse. Read this chapter, and identify the verses in which Jesus promises peace.
•What additional Helper does He promise to send believers?
•What is the key to obedience (vv. 23-24)?

Daily Devotional “Disappointing The Lord” | Daily Devotional “Disappointing The Lord” | Daily Devotional “Disappointing The Lord”

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